Commercials for the UK and abroad, including the award-winning Holsten Pils and Co-Op Bank campaigns. Also: Virgin Airlines, Ellesse Skiwear, Lemsip, Listerine, Fosters Lager, Red Stripe Beer, Punch Magazine, American Express, Microsoft, Royal Sun Alliance, Equitable Life, The Ford Puma, Hutchison 3G Mobile Phones, Sony Playstation and Haagen Dazs Ice Cream.

Newspaper Commercials completed on a weekly turnaround including: The Times, The Mirror and The Daily Mail.

Feature Films including: Dance with a Stranger, Hook, Waynes World, Good Looks, Interview with a Vampire, The Sound and The Biographer.

Corporate Films including: Sky Television, British Telecom, Rover and Adidas.

Television series including: Mission Impossible and Double Acts.

Pop Promos for many of the major record companies, including short films for: Culture Club, Ultravox, AC/DC, Cliff Richard and The Beloved.

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